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Capturing Our Facilitation & Engagement Feedback Tips

Over the years, our team here at ThinkFresh has facilitated numerous discussions and conversations ranging from community consultations to design charrettes and even instant conference engagement. We’ve gained many different insights and techniques for conducting unique and deep group discussions and here, for the first time ever, we compiled our collection of Facilitation and Engagement Feedback Tips available for you to use!

We definitely cannot take credit for these ideas – many of these tips and techniques are ones we’ve picked up from various sources including Art of Hosting, Jane’s Walk and the always amazing world of Human Centred Design. A lot of them have been modified for our own purposes – which is often facilitating large groups with several breakout tables for urban planning and city building. We find that these tips work best in these settings, but feel free to modify them to suit your own needs!

And we encourage you to share your creative innovations with us – always delighted to hear how these techniques evolve based on differing contexts.

Special thanks to Iliana Sergeev (Shabatova) for the gorgeous and playful design – we love it!


Tip Sheet 1: How to Encourage Discussion

Tip Sheet 2: Guidelines for Capturing Feedback from a Workshop or Consultation

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