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Come out to YIMBY 2016!

We’re proud to be collaborating for a second straight year with Shape My City on the YIMBY Festival – being held this year at Metro Hall in the Rotunda on Saturday Sept 24th from 12-4pm. This is Toronto’s community urbanism festival where community organizations showcase what they’re all about and come together to work on community-led ideas.

Our theme this year is Massively Open – how can we make Toronto a more open, inclusive and transparent city? The Festival will explore how inclusivity, accessibility, as well as sharing connections, vulnerability, expertise and data can strengthen our work. New features this year include 6 special workshops exploring various aspects of this theme and what groups want to do about it (see full schedule below). ThinkFresh, in collaboration with Metastrategies and Swerhun Facilitation will be hosting a workshop on improving the public consultation process. Styled like a mini-hackathon, it will feature activities designed to better understand from a user’s perspective what it’s like to attend a public consultation meeting and what we can do to better design for this.

As always, there will be the community fair, featuring booths all over the city, lots of great connections and an opportunity to find out all about cool projects that you can get involved with! Don’t forget to stop by the ThinkFresh booth and say “hi!” as well – we’ll be running a small activity about human experiences in cities. Hope to see you at YIMBY!

For more info check out: The Festival is free and registration is not required. To register for the workshops, click here

Schedule of YIMBY 2016 Workshops:

  1. 12:30-2pm – Make Your Own Documentary workshop
  2. 1-2pm – Steps to Inclusion presented by HARMONY MOVEMENT
  3. 1-2pm – Your Genius Needed: social enterprise in Toronto presented by SOCIAL ENTERPRISE TORONTO
  4. 1-2pm – Cut to the Chase: How to Figure out if a Consultation is Legit and What You Can Do About It presented by META STRATEGIES, THINKFRESH GROUP, & SWERHUN FACILITATION
  5. 2-3pm – Disrupting the Fossil Fuel Status Quo in Toronto presented by OUR HORIZON
  6. 2-3pm – Mock-Living Room Salon with Live Music and Conversation, presented by TORONTO HOUSE CULTURE – featuring ZooShare and the Institute for a Resource Based Economy (IRBE)

All workshops at Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Toronto, ON, M5V 3C6 (SE corner of King and John Streets)

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