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Facilitation & Engagement

_PIC2324ThinkFresh Group was founded on the premise that better facilitated and authentic conversations will lead to better urban planning and development. Over the years, we have developed a facilitation and engagement practice that works to deeply engage with stakeholders in an inclusive and participatory manner through eliciting inherent lived experience, wisdom and knowledge. We root a lot of our engagement work around human centred design – and its principles of empathy and iterative understanding. We believe that better understanding the human end user and building around those insights will ultimately lead to more desirable and well-loved solutions and places.

Our practice spans design charrettes, hackathons, community co-design and strategic planning. We’ve worked on both the design of the facilitation activities & facilitation of the workshops themselves. The links below showcase some of our facilitation and engagement work and gives a better understanding of the principles that we love to work with.

Facilitation Tool & Tips

Previous facilitation projects